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Your Host's Taylor and Tony take you through the world of freemasonry both inside and outside the lodge. To try to find out what Mason's and non Mason's think about the fraternity. They plan on having interesting guest both Masonic and non as well as reviews of books written about the fraternity. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback with how we can make the show better and more entertaining, because let's be honest neither of these two have any idea of what they are doing.
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Nov 7, 2016

Well were back and FINALLY ON ITUNES.

Taylor has a new addition to his family and has finished his year in the east.

Tony is still secretary of his lodge but was fired from his Grand Lodge job. Maybe his lodge should pay more attention and do the same.

Grand Lodge of Oklahoma removes recognition from the Grand lodge of Arkansas because the Grand Lodge of Arkansas doesn't  like to play nice with anyone, especially Prince Hall

Freemasons and the Illuminati are planing to build a "Space Nation" in the form of the all seeing eye in a plot to rule the world.

Grand Lodge of Kentucky approves visitation with Prince Hall Masonry. 

The Grand Lodge of Ohio removes alcohol prohibition from their code, to a small degree, or maybe all the way. Were still waiting to the Grand Master to weigh in on where Tony thinks they opened the flood gates. Its coming, were sure.

No ritual is clandestine now in Ohio, what impact will this have.

Lewis candidates rejected in Ohio

Who is Tommasi Crudeli?  Tony reads a speech that was given at Grand Lodge from the Grand Lodge of Maryland.

Taylor Read a paper 'The Humble Masonic Square" by Jean-Michel David

Taylor reads from a section of the book 'The Lodge and the Craft' page 167 Solemn Strikes the Funeral Chime. Also Tony takes a crack at singing, its not very good. We apologize for all the ears we hurt and the dogs we made howl with that.

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Hope everyone has a great week and we hope to get a few more episodes out this week