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Your Host's Taylor and Tony take you through the world of freemasonry both inside and outside the lodge. To try to find out what Mason's and non Mason's think about the fraternity. They plan on having interesting guest both Masonic and non as well as reviews of books written about the fraternity. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback with how we can make the show better and more entertaining, because let's be honest neither of these two have any idea of what they are doing.
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Feb 26, 2017

Four Episodes in one month!! I think we may be setting the bar a little high for ourselves this year.

Tony is in the studio today for a last minute show. It is so last minute that he didn't have time to tell Taylor, so Tony's on his own for this one.  Hopefully he won't loose to many of the show's listeners with this one.

In Masonic news he talks about the 300th anniversary of organized Masonry and how the Brethren of the Masonic Round Table are putting on one unique bash.  For more info and to purchase tickets please visit 

In todays episode Tony interviews his wife's uncle Mr. Mark Shiveley. A man who is from a very strong Masonic Family, but for personal reasons never joined the Fraternity.

They talk about Mr. Shiveley's masonic family history 

What his impression of the Fraternity is being a man in his unique situation

What about Freemasonry turned him off form joining.

What organizations he is involved with a what their view of the Fraternity is

The correlations between the organizations he belongs to and the Fraternity and issues that they both face and how they are dealing with them.

And when its all done Mr. Shiveley even leaves the door open to come back on to discuss other topics in the future. So Tony must not have done to bad, or he just feels sorry for him.  Were not sure.

We hope you enjoyed this episode and hopefully we can continue this trend of multiple episodes every month.

As always send us and email and let us know what you think and what we can improve on

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Intro music is 'Rooftops' by Moon Taxi

Altro Music is 'Soulfight" by The Revivalist 

Thank you all for listening and we hope you have a good week.

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