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Your Host's Taylor and Tony take you through the world of freemasonry both inside and outside the lodge. To try to find out what Mason's and non Mason's think about the fraternity. They plan on having interesting guest both Masonic and non as well as reviews of books written about the fraternity. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback with how we can make the show better and more entertaining, because let's be honest neither of these two have any idea of what they are doing.
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Feb 18, 2017

Surprise, surprise, surprise, we actually kept our promise and here's a second episode for this month. Even though it is still just the second part of our last show, were still counting it.  We hope you enjoy, and if your lucky you may even get a third show this month, if your lucky, and Tony does some work.

In this episode we interview Worshipful Brother Mike Sekach,  Master of High Point Lodge #773 F&AM

We ask him a whole list of questions pertaining to his year so far as Master of the Lodge. 

We Talk about his upcoming inspection in the EA Degree. 

We discus the fact that High Point doesn't meet in a Masonic Lodge Building, but an Odd Fellows hall, and their relationship.

Due to us recording in High Point lodge on their Stated Meeting night, as usual masonic business comes up and things get cut a little short, but a good first interview for us none the less

Hope you have enjoyed this as well as all previous episodes.  Let us know what you think and how we can improve the show. We sure don't know what were doing so any feedback from the audience is always appreciated.

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Thanks and have a great week Brethren