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Your Host's Taylor and Tony take you through the world of freemasonry both inside and outside the lodge. To try to find out what Mason's and non Mason's think about the fraternity. They plan on having interesting guest both Masonic and non as well as reviews of books written about the fraternity. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback with how we can make the show better and more entertaining, because let's be honest neither of these two have any idea of what they are doing.
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Jul 16, 2017

Welcome Back to the Front Porch

The Boys are back in studio

After a Long hiatus Tony is Finally back for an Episode 

Tony kinda explains his absence, but we think theres more, but thats for another show

A new format for the show is explained to see if they can be a little different and unique

They sample and enjoy a Frosty and Manly Beverage London Pride Beer to help celebrate the recent 300th Anniversary

They discuss why every Mason Should have their own apron and wear it to lodge. 

Tony Announces that his lodge has finally broken down a barrier and has initiated its first African American Brother. He then decides to talk about masonic code and law in the Ohio Masonic Code that needs to be changed

They then get into the Heart of the discussion. The 300th Anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England. Originally the Grand Lodge of London, Hence the reason for the London Pride Beer.

A big Congrats to the Brothers of The Masonic Round Table for from what we hear was a very successful 300th Anniversary celebration at the George Washington Masonic Memorial

They then go into a short discussion about a classic Masonic Book 'The Builders' By Newton (this is a link to a PDF of the book for anyone that would like to read)

Taylor asked that everyone check out the new Masonic Podcast 'Three Distinct Knocks'

As always let us know how were doing, if you like the new format or not, suggestions for frosty beverages to try, and anything you think every mason should have. Also let us know if were messing up

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